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Excursion to the Glaciers

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Excursion to the Glaciers - Coyhaique

North Ice Field

It is an extense continental ice field of capricious shapes with numerous peaks and ravines tinted by the eternal ice. There are numerous glaciers draining to milky rivers and lakes leading down to the river Baker.

Jorge Montt Glacier

Situated to the south west of Caleta Tortel 5 hours navigation from there in a mountaineous sector with abundant vegetation and wide rocky beaches. This glacier presents an enormous wall of bluish ice coming from the South Ice Field and draining into Baker Channel in the north east of Bernardo O┤Higgins National Park where beauty surpasses all possible descriptions.
Steffen Glacier

It is in the north east of Caleta Tortel, and you can get to it after 3 hours navigation. It possesses a mountaineous relief, where the river coming from the North Ice Field drains into the swamp.
O'Higgins Glacier

Situated on the north east of Villa O'Higgins between South Ice Field and Lake O┤Higgins in an environment of great beauty. The glacier is 8 km. wide and a height of 150 meters above sea level.

Laguna San Rafael National Park

Tortel village is in this national park , which has been declared World Reserve of the Biosphere by the U.N.O. Within its territory is a big part of the North Ice Field.
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