Products from the Shire

The climate, the soil and the low levels of pollution make El Bolsón an ideal site for the production of hop and fine fruit of excellent quality.

The activity in the farms located in the outskirts of El Bolsón has increased in the last few years. Many of them are open to visitors who wish to witness the production process.

Upon entering El Bolsón, we noticed that this valley shelters a great deal of crops. Green fields and farms contain hop plantations, a key seed for beer brewing.

The excellent clime enticed the first producers to settle on the Puelo River and the Nuevo Valley, considered the best sites in South America to cultivate hop. Thus, the town today known as El Bolsón was founded.

We also got past very important flour mills and sown fields. We visited some of the main fine fruit producers. The large spaces occupied by other crops spread around the shire in spite of the booming tourist activities. There is a new criterion that gives priority to organic production and the opening of venues to visitors, who come along to observe the various crafts on a small scale.

From Farm to Farm

Cabaña Micó is a well-known jam factory and it lies very close to the main square in El Bolsón. We could tour around the strawberry and raspberry fields while a guide told us about the production process, including cultivation, harvest and making of jam using those delicious fruit. During the visit, we went through the different production stages: making, tasting and sale. We were charmed by the gourmet proposal organized by the owners.

One of its neighbors is Otto Tipp Brewery, where we were welcomed by its owner. He gave us an account of this new family business. They produce six varieties of beer, including pale, dark and red. They are made with ingredients produced in the district.

We tasted a delicious mug at the restaurant bearing the same name. The host proudly told us that the star of the venue is draft beer and a complete menu that includes smoked trout.

Humus Farm was the next step in our tour. A little bit farther away from the center, this venture produces craft organic jam, yoghurt, ice-cream and cheese. We were welcomed by Pablo and Carolina, who have devoted themselves to this dairy undertaking for over 20 years.

We gave a quick look to those fields and then we visited the shed where the products are made. During a spontaneous chat, Pablo told us about the different areas of production and staging of the 12 varieties of cheese.

They produce their own milk and they have succeeded in certifying the quality of each of their organic products. Carolina let us taste the soft, semi-firm and hard cheese; we could appreciate the authentic craft taste.

During this short tour, we approached the producing activity of the beautiful Andean shire. Later on, we verified the great number of mass consumption trademarks featuring El Bolsón stamp. La Feria Franca, which summons the main producers and is located behind the post office building, is one proof of this fact.

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Humus de la Montaña

Islas Malvinas s/n (8430) El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina

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