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Trekking to Lake Torre

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Visit to Lake Torre - El Chaltén

A beautiful mountain trail starting at El Chaltén makes us feel one of the most impressive sites on earth: the path to Lake Torre.

This undoubtedly is one of the most popular hiking tours among lovers of walking. It leads to a stunning lake named after the Torre Glacier, whose beauty is unconditional for any hiker that reaches this spot.
Visit to Lake Torre - El Chaltén
We resolved to go in search of the trail. It started behind Los Cerros Hotel and after a long hike, it would lead us straight to Lake Torre.

Some minutes after we set out, a National Parks sign gave information about the entire tour and assured us we were on the right trail. Thus, we started to climb. Adventure had only just begun.
Visit to Lake Torre - El Chaltén
After going up for a while, we started to make out the Fitz Roy River winding around the local geography in the way nature had outlined. At times, it was really fast-flowing.

Very close to us, we could watch Mount Pliegue del Tumbado and other nearby summits, whose distinctive silhouettes become familiar after spending several days in El Chaltén.
Visit to Lake Torre - El Chaltén
At a slow but steady pace, we continued hiking and before we could even notice, we saw a gorgeous lake formed by meltdown water coming from famous Mount Torre.

We went on hiking until we could appreciate the benefits of this splendid water body from a viewpoint. To the right, a road reached the base of Mount Torre.

Those who followed it told us later that the only way of getting closer to the glacier and crossing the Fitz Roy is through a zip line. However, it is essential to do this with the assistance of the guides on the tours hired in the town.
Visit to Lake Torre - El Chaltén
In our particular case, the lake was the aim of this singular adventure that made us feel satisfied to such an extent that we highly recommended this outing to other hikers during our stay in the city.

Hiking to Lake Torre is, without the slightest doubt, one of the best tours available following the trails of El Chaltén.
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