Las Grutas / S. A. O.

Las Grutas / San Antonio Oeste

Las Grutas - Photo: InterPatagonia

Tourism in Las Grutas / San Antonio Oeste

Only 15 kilometers separate San Antonio Oeste from the Las Grutas bathing resort located in northeastern Patagonia. Lying on the Atlantic area of the Province of Río Negro, both of them are bathed by the warm blue waters of the San Matías Gulf.
The Las Grutas bathing resort has large golden beaches along a quiet sea, with cliffs that reach 8 meters of height, carved by the neverending charge of the waves. This continuous sea erosion gave shape to the cave formations after which the area is named.
These are the warmest waters in the entire Argentinian sea littoral. A combination of its geographical, atmospheric and oceanographic factors originates temperatures ranging between 22º and 25º C. In turn, the intensely blue sea has a high concentration of salts and iodine, quite favorable due to its hypertonic value. Moreover, the great tidal amplitude and the scarce rainfalls in the summer make its beaches ideal for sport diving, fishing and other water activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing and water ski.
The sceneries of San Antonio Oeste and Las Grutas invite visitors both to relaxation and adventure. Its shores, with sandhills and cliffs of white clean sand, are very appropriate for long strolls, quad riding and sandboarding.

The pleasant summer sunshine generates temperatures of 41º C and thermal averages of 30º C.
From Buenos Aires , this beautiful Patagonian nook is accessed through National Route 3, Provincial Route 51 and then Route 3 once again.
Airlines offer domestic flights to the San Antonio Oeste airport, the Antoine de Saint Exupery airport or the city of Viedma, from where visitors must travel 188 to get to Las Grutas.

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Map of Las Grutas / San Antonio Oeste

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