Whale Watching in Las Grutas

Las Grutas incorporated a few years ago a tourist activity of whale watching, taking advantage of the benefits of the increasingly assiduous presence of these giants of the southern seas in the San Matías Gulf.

Every year the whales return to the Patagonian coasts to reproduce and breastfeed their young, looking for the warmest temperatures in the region.

The southern right whale

Some solitary specimens are seen in the spa of Las Grutas in the fall, announcing a long-awaited income by locals who usually celebrate it on social networks. But the great wave appears in mid-August, when the whale watching season officially opens, and has its greatest splendor in September and October. In these months, the copulation groups that play their love dances for long hours are observed. It is also the time of most births. To see them very close, nothing better than embarking on the semi-rigid boats that enter the bay until they find the whales that, curious for their playful nature, will approach to greet and socialize. But also to observe us slowly while doing their wonderful pirouettes before the astonished gaze of the visitors.

  • Southern right whale

    Southern right whale

  • Boat watching

    Boat watching

  • Whale Watching in Las Grutas

    Whale Watching in Las Grutas

  • Whale Watching in Las Grutas

    Whale Watching in Las Grutas

  • Whale Watching in Las Grutas

    Whale Watching in Las Grutas

During the high season of sighting there are several accommodation promotions with excursion included to discover the sea and its most amazing inhabitants. On the other hand, the sighting of marine fauna is a usual walk to do all year round, but during these months the southern right whale takes all the applause. The rides last two and a half hours and each experience is completely different. In fact, the groups are small, which allows a more intimate and personal interaction with the environment. After a brief introduction, the boat begins its journey, and in navigation it is possible to meet dolphins, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, cormorants, petrels, albatrosses ... The guides are experts, some are biologists who also work in the centers of Wildlife observation of the region and have a vast knowledge that enriches the exits. The excursions start from the third descent of Las Grutas and from the north stop of Puerto San Antonio Este. The curiosity of the robust whales amazes us as a gift of nature, especially when we remain silent, with the boat´s engine off, enjoying the whales coming and going. Without hurry, an awakening of all the senses.

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Recommendations It is worth clarifying that the nautical walks are carried out throughout the year under the modality of Marine Fauna Watching, but for anyone who wants to see whales exclusively, they will have to approach from the first days of August until the last of the month of October.

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