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A precious place on the Patagonian Atlantic coast, Las Grutas offers many alternatives and sceneries to enjoy the sea.

Las Grutas is a privileged nook in the Patagonian coastline for several reasons. Its distinctive caves, very particular geographical features after which the area is named, spread along several kilometers of beaches.

Great natural spaces that invite visitors to seclude themselves into privacy and daylight periods of up to 15 hours per day are the main reason to recommend a stay at Las Grutas in the summer.

Furthermore, the crystal-clear waters of the San Matías Gulf can reach between 22º and 25º C in the summer. Therefore, they are the warmest waters in the entire Argentinian sea littoral. This phenomenon results from the combination of geographical, atmospherical and oceanographical factors, such as the great tidal amplitude, the coast circulation system of the Bahía de San Antonio current and the scarce rainfall.

In such scenery, diverse water activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing and fishing may be enjoyed.

In turn, the landscape offers countless options to exploit and experience. From the beach, visitors may explore the two large interconnected caverns in the inside of the cliff.

  • Wide beaches of Las Grutas

    Wide beaches of Las Grutas

  • Beaches at the Las Grutas

    Beaches at the Las Grutas

  • Beaches at the Las Grutas

    Beaches at the Las Grutas

  • Water slide

    Water slide

  • Fourtrack Rides

    Fourtrack Rides

  • Beaches at the Las Grutas

    Beaches at the Las Grutas

  • Sunset in Las Grutas

    Sunset in Las Grutas

On El Sótano and Cañadón de las Ostras beaches, located only 12 kilometers to the South of the urban center, visitors may appreciate fossilized oysters and pick shells and clams.

This excursion may be done on a double traction vehicle or on an amusing horseback ride.
A little farther ahead, visitors can appreciate Fuerte Argentino, an impressive 80-meter-high plateau, ideal for adventure and photographic safaris.

Piedras Coloradas is another place to visit, only 4 kilometers from the bathing resort. This is one of the three granite outcroppings in the Province of Río Negro, made up by reddish volcanic rocks.

Lovers of fishing may enjoy La Rinconada, 2 kilometers from the bathing resort. Typical species such as sea bass, sargos, soles, anchovy, salmons, pejerreyes, groupers and cabrillas may be caught there.

The warm temperature and the transparency of the waters enable divers to see a rich sea fauna. Some 800 meters off the shore lies the Submarine Park, which consists in a 100-meter-long rocky ledge. Scuba diving may also be experienced in El Buque, 7 kilometers to the South, and near Mejillón Island, 11 kilometers towards the same direction.

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