A Stop at Aguas Calientes Hot Springs

We visited the “Aguas Calientes” hot springs resort. A place to find oneself among hot springs baths, massages, aromatherapy and honey-therapy.

Aguas Calientes Hot Springs resort is located in the Lake District, X región, in the Andes mountain Range. This distinguished, resort offers hot springs baths, massages, aromatherapy and honey-therapy, among many other services.

In the heart of Puyehue National Park, a wonderful ecological Chilean reserve, we found the tourist hot springs resort called Aguas Calientes. On our way from Argentina to Osorno, we could not resist the temptation of taking a hot spring bath in one of the best resorts in the South of neighboring Chile. Without hesitating, as we wanted to know about the properties of the water, we headed directly to the front desk to hire a whole-day service. The resort is surrounded by dense humid evergreen forests, which have grown in volcanic soil, near rivers and lakes. The quietness and natural charm made that day hard to forget.

The hot spring waters flow pure from the Chalelufú River bank. Within the hot spring area, the resort has a highly qualified staff, who provide visitors with different kinds of therapy to complement the healing properties of the water. In addition to the traditional baths, guests can enjoy intense sessions of nutritional massage, clay exfoliation, aromatherapy and honey-therapy, among other services. These hot spring waters are specially recommended to treat chronic disorders, such as rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, skin diseases, nervous disorders and chronic conditions of the respiratory system. It is not necessary to show some of these symptoms to take a hot spring bath. The only condition is to be willing to feel it.

We walked around the facilities and observed all the arrangements. The resort has two hot spring pools: one indoors, which can be used no matter the weather conditions, and another one outdoors, on the river bank, from where the dense native forest can be admired. On the whole, the hot spring area is located in a natural warm environment. It did not take us long to recover our well-being through a deep relaxation session. The hot spring bath and clay massage made us feel hungry. We were invited to “Los Canelos” restaurant to taste some of the delicious dishes offered in the menu.

After lunch, we continued walking around the Aguas Calientes venue to see more of the place and its people. It is important to emphasize the excellent staff quality, who make guests feel at home. For those who want to stay at the resort, there are 28 cabins available in the area. They are fully equipped and can accommodate from 2 to 10 people each. A path seemed to invite us for a walk. In a few minutes, we were submerged in the heart of the Valdivian Forest. A feeling of peace and relax ran under our skin. We were still experiencing the effect of the hot springs.

In the middle of this trance, we met two guides from the Aguas Calientes resort who offered us to practice Tyrolean crossing , where we would slide along cables and onto platforms located in the middle of the exuberant Puyehue National Park. Although the trip seemed to be interesting because the circuit had 8 platforms, 7 840-meter-long cables, and 2 crossings over the Chalelufú River, we resolved to come back to the resort to have our second hot spring bath, and leave the air adventure for another moment. We were soon enjoying the 39º C water in the pools. Once again, we experienced the hot spring pleasure as we were seduced by the shocking beauty of the place. After the last bath, we said goodbye to the staff. Our trip had to go on. It was very rewarding to discover a place like Aguas Calientes, a magic spot where purity remains intact. We recommend visiting it.

TimetablesTimetables: open 24-hour a day

How to get hereHow to get here: The hot spring resort Aguas Calientes is located in the heart of the Andes Mountain Range, in the X Region. Two hours from Santiago de Chile by plane and 50 minutes by car from Osorno. From Argentina, cross Cardenal Samoré International Pass and drive approximately 25 km along International Route 215 and pay attention to the Puyehue National Park and the hot springs resort signs.

Recommendations When taking hot springs baths, it is recommended to combine them with cold water baths so as to balance body temperature and avoid organism disorders. It is recommended to go out every 15 minutes to balance body temperature.
Where to sleep:
Aguas Calientes has 28 fully equipped cabins to enjoy a pleasant stay.

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