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The New Parque Pcia. del Neuquén Race Track

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Visit to the New Parque Provincia del Neuquén Race Track

Neuquén has a new race track: the dream of building one of the most beautiful and professional tracks in the country came true at Centenario. The gate is open.

It is said that the dream has finally come true and the province of Neuquén has its own race track, recently named Parque de la Provincia del Neuquén. Experts on this matter assert openly that this track is a real masterpiece in which the presence of car racing experience in the last few years and the new technologies can be perceived. Not only does the work aim at including Centenario in the list of top racing tracks in the country, but also at encouraging regional categories to be shown off so that, race after race, their pilots may represent Neuquén in the top categories.
Visit to the New Parque Provincia del Neuquén Race Track
As far as the circuits in this new track are concerned, it can be said that its novel layout presents four outlines. The main circuit is 4,330 meters long. The track, at any of its points, is 15 meters wide. This enables cars to develop great speed even on the bends.

The pit stops stretch has been designed considering the best circuits in the world. Up to 45 automobiles can start at the same time. This is plain evidence that the racing track will soon be considered for the top categories on future annual races.
Visit to the New Parque Provincia del Neuquén Race Track
The inauguration date was in charge of the TC 2000 category along with all the support categories. As expected, admission tickets sold out immediately. No one wanted to miss this real festival.

The inauguration weekend, which will of course remain in the memory of all attendants as well as of those who could not make it to the races, was simply spectacular from all perspectives. Over 35 thousand enthusiasts proved their passion for cars and showed that Centenario may become, in the short term, the venue for an annual TC 2000 race and even for the top local car racing category, namely Touring Car Racing.
Visit to the New Parque Provincia del Neuquén Race Track
While the National Anthem was sounding and with the applause of most local, provincial and national authorities, a dreamed-of place was officially inaugurated.

The first important race, which would crown this inauguration ceremony, was won by Mariano Werner, from the Toyota Team. Thus, he opened the new Centenario racing track with all his talent and an average speed of 147 kilometers per hour.

Victory was complete and invited two other pilots onto the podium: Leonel Pernía (from the Honda Team) and Matías Rossi (from the Renault Team), who finished in the second and third place, but also enjoyed the thrill of trying out the new circuit for the first time ever.
Visit to the New Parque Provincia del Neuquén Race Track
According to the winner, the test was not easy at all. Also, the rain made matters worse; therefore, the pilots had to be alert not to go off track. But everyone was satisfied with the new venue.

Now it all depends on daily hard work for the dream to be part of the top car racing categories. The rest will just flow.
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Asociación Automovilística Centenario Competición was created in 1982 and the project of the new racing track was made official in 2005. From that moment on, everything has been done to make this dream come true for all the denizens of Neuquén.
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