Fine Arts National Museum

Art has found a new place where to be enjoyed in the City of Neuquén. The Fine Arts National Museum has opened the doors of its only branch in the provinces in the City of Neuquén to share its artistics heritage.

The 2,200-square-meter building is located in the center of the city. The inauguration exhibition is made up by works of European art, from the Rennaissance up to the XIX century, as well as by Argentinian art collections from the XIX century until the present. This is the first time in more than one century of the museum history that such a significant part of its heritage has been transferred to another museum outside the City of Buenos Aires.

The quality of its works, as well as the universal importance of its authors, reassures the significance that this museum has acquired from the very moment it opened its doors and confirms the City of Neuquén as an unavoidable cultural reference in the national and international fields.

Nowadays, works from authors such as Mantengo, Durero, Zurbarán, Soraya, Zuluaga, Rodin, Toulouse Lautrec, Torres García, Figari, Portinari, Pueyrredón, Cándido López, Spilimbergo and Quinquela Martín are exhibited, to mention a few. There are also traveling exhibitions, which are shown in one of the wings of the building.

  • Berni Antonio, Typical orchestra, oil on canvas

    Berni Antonio, Typical orchestra, oil on canvas

  • 2,200-square-meter building

    2,200-square-meter building

  • Fader Fernando, oil on canvas

    Fader Fernando, oil on canvas

  • National Heritage

    National Heritage

  • A confectionery according to the place

    A confectionery according to the place

  • Only branch in the provinces

    Only branch in the provinces

An exhibition of the work of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, author of remarkable paintings such as “Guernica”, is scheduled for February, March and April.

It is to be highlighted that, before being relocated in its new facilities, this museum would be called Dr. Gregorio Álvarez Provincial Museum and works by Julio Le Parc, Francisco de Goya's 160 engravings, “Caprichos” (Whims) and “Estragos y desastres de la guerra” (War Damage and Disasters), the “Diálogo con Neuquén” (A Dialog with Neuquén) exhibition, made up by the works of the most important plastic artists in the country, the “Imágenes y cultura del XX: la fotografía” (Images and Culture from the XX Century: Photography) exhibition, with works by the famous photographer Annemarie Heinrich were exhibited there.

Marcelo Sola / Eduardo Epifanio

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Museo Nacional Bellas Artes
Mitre y Santa Cruz (8300) Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina
Tel: +54 299-449-1200


Useful Data

Duration: 2 hours aproximate

Timetables: Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 10am to 8pm. Sundays and holidays from 4pm to 8pm. CLOSED ON MONDAYS.There is also a coffee-shop (run by Álvarez Arguelles) with the following open hours:Tuesdays thru Thursdays from 8am to 10pmFridays and Saturdays from 8am to 12amSundays and holidays from 4pm to 10pm.

Recommendations: - Photographs allowed inside the halls provided the flash is not used.- Do not consume food or drinks inside the halls.- Smoking not allowed inside the museum.- Guided tours free of charge at 7pm.

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