Motorcycle Touring towards Puyehue

Those who enjoy intense sensations as they drive a motorcycle will find the roads of the Lake District are great allies.

It is always a good idea to design a schedule but leaving some decisions unmade until the environment presents its offers. That is the best way to enjoy an adventure on wheels.

More and more globetrotters are engaging themselves in tourist crossings that combine the adventure of riding a machine of grand cubic capacity with the enjoyment of nature and the chance to go out in the company of a group. Heading for the Andes Mountain Range while at Osorno, we were furnished with the best 600-cc off-road motorbikes, which boast the strength of the classic motocross models and the masterful driving of consecrated touring models. We got everything we needed at Moto Aventura Center, where we were provided the bikes and all corresponding recommendations. A few hours before setting out, we could already feel the adrenaline in our bodies as we finished off all the preparations to spend three days on a fantastic road trip. After having spent the night at that city, we devoted part of the first day to going around the downtown area and its surroundings just to get used to our own timing, the roaring engines and the comfortable seat. We visited San Mateo's Cathedral at the Plaza de Armas and Rahue viewpoint, which indulged us with excellent views of the city and the neighboring volcanoes. The next morning, we set off right after breakfast towards Entre Lagos. This wonderful ride led us amidst fields and estates featuring very green meadows. To honor our enthusiasm for vehicles, we paid a visit to Auto Museum Moncopulli, which houses an incredible collection of vintage cars and in particular the famed Studebaker. We followed the road feeling the air on our foreheads, as if we were cutting through it while the scene passed by to both sides and our bodies and minds became infected with so much beauty.

As we bordered Lake Puyehue, the first mountain traits appeared and the vegetation was turning thicker. We made several stops to take pictures and admire old constructions raised by the German immigrants who landed in the area in the nineteenth century. Then, we found ourselves right in front of Cordón Caulle Ecological Reserve, located on the hillsides of the Puyehue Volcano. We parked our motorbikes and started walking along the trails that got deep into the Valdivian rainforest. We intended to have lunch there. After that, we got excited about riding on horseback to the Gol Gol River and its icy meltdown waters coming from the mountain tops. We found some amazing cascades on the way. We reached a vantage point to make a stop, take photographs and listen to our guide, who had interesting and accurate information. We galloped back to the starting point, feeling tired but also proud of our skills on the horse. We searched for a place to stay at Puyehue, a charming location with well-known services and centers. Before we went to bed, we had a comforting bath of hot mineral waters.

As the third day started, we were certain that it would be the most interesting. We tested our motorbikes on the way up the Puyehue Volcano hillside, made of volcanic ash and gravel. The narrow trails went across several creeks. We got to Antillanca Ski Resort and, as it was summer, we managed to hit its summit and see its crater. From that spot, we envisioned the Osorno and Puntiagudo Volcanoes, as well as Mount Tronador, in Argentina. We had a break and observed that monumental panoramic sight to descend slowly but well aware of the fact that we should not get there after dark. Once at the cabin, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and made a toast to those three days on which good vibes prevailed among lovers of tourism on two wheels.

Autor Mónica Pons

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Recommendations It is important to respect traffic regulations in force. Police control, carried out by the carabineros, are very strict and they are aimed at avoiding accidents.

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