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El Doradillo Beach

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El Doradillo Beach, Puerto Madryn

Declared municipal protected area in 2001, El Doradillo features a land and sea landscape that covers 30 kilometers from Punta Arco to Cerro Prismático.

After crossing the City of Puerto Madryn northwards, we got past the industrial wharf and took a detour to El Doradillo Beach. It is one of the few places where right whales may be watched from the shore.

As a result of its warm quiet waters, El Doradillo Beach is the site chosen by hundreds of female whales to give birth and feed their young from June to November. As the calves develop the fat layer that lets them float 40 days after being born, their mothers carry them on their fins to a site near the coast, where they rest on pebble seabed.
El Doradillo Beach, Puerto Madryn
In general, the ideal moment to watch the whales is when the tide starts to rise. We were very patient and waited for the right time. In fact, there were hundreds of people waiting, as many national and foreign tourists also approached the area to witness such an extraordinary show.

It is interesting to see a shed at the northern end of the cliff. It is used by biologists to count the whale population arriving in Golfo Nuevo every year.

That spot features a clear view of the first specimens to reach the area in May. They may be observed all throughout the peninsula shore until December.
El Doradillo Beach, Puerto Madryn
Even though the whales were too shy to appear during our stay, we could fully enjoy the quietness of this beautiful beach. We understood why they choose it.
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How to get here
leave the city heading for the North up to Provincial Route 1, which joins Route 2.
mountain biking, hiking and bird watching may be experienced on the beach.
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whale watching
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hiking and mountain biking may be practiced
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Between July and October, more than 200 whale calves are born in the waters of the gulfs. Each female can only carry one calf. The gestation period takes 12 months and the mother will breast-feed the young for another year. At the moment it is born, a whale calf measures 5.5 meters.
Later, from October to December, the whales abandon the Valdés Peninsula area in order to go to the summer feeding sectors, located in southern waters, where they can find shoals of small plancton crustaceans, such as copepods, lobsters and krill.

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