Luxury on the Shores of Puerto Madryn: the Regina Australe

One of the most beautiful cruise-ships sailing around Argentina has arrived in Puerto Madryn. The Regina Australe is an ideal way to visit this city and its shores.

No sooner had we heard about the option of touring around the shores of Puerto Madryn on board a cruise-ship than we thought it was a perfect chance. And we were far from wrong. A nautical ride on the waters of the gulf known as Golfo Nuevo lets passengers appreciate the City of Puerto Madryn from the sea. What else can we ask for? Moored at one of the classic piers in the city, this giant boat sets sail according to season in search of adventure, mostly during the days on which the waters are calm. And we had chosen a perfect day. The giant ship was waiting for its 300 passengers to get on board. The crew was ready and after listening to a safety talk, it was time to set off. "Weigh anchor" was the phrase that came to our minds to express our feelings at that moment. And thus, the cruise-ship started to get away from the pier to start a 3-hour tour.

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    New Gulf waters

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    Pleasure Cruise

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    Shows, games

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    A must ride

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    Lots of fun for those on board

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According to the information we were given, the company Australe S.A is in charge of managing the cruise. It is made up by seamen who are committed to nature, its resources and the preservation of this delightful and unique ecosystem. Having been 30 years in the market, this group of sailors has carried out whale-watching tours known today as the "Patagonian Whale-Watching Technique". As soon as we started sailing, the shore grew more and more distant as a group of not more than 5 sea lions started to follow us at the same time they made some pirouettes and jumps that caught the attention of all the children on board. The idea is that both visitors and local denizens may enjoy this experience on board what has come to be known as "The Cruise of Pleasure" at least once in a lifetime. What surprised us most was the size of the ship. The Regina Australe has three decks. Two of them are indoors and one outdoors, the perfect scene for a sunny day. Their spacious halls offer the chance to enjoy the sea view. While we sailed and relished the ship, we came across various attractions like Punta Cuevas, the famous Ecocenter, Kaiser Beach, Punta del Este, the Folias Shipwreck and the vast Paraná Beach. These are some of the geographical milestones the tour unveils before reaching Punta Loma, the point where it starts its way back up to Storni or Piedrabuena Pier, the end of the ride. We were dazzled by the local fauna: whales, sea lions and elephant seals, dolphins and killer whales. However, we were also amazed by what was going on on board the cruise-ship, including shows, games and much fun for all passengers. One of these activities is the already well-known and classic "Naval Baptisms". It consists in a special recognition for all those people who have never sailed the sea. The "God of the Sea" becomes present and names all first-time sailors "sons of Neptune". These people are awarded a priceless diploma as a souvenir. Due to its cost and benefits, this tour is a must for all visitors to the City of Puerto Madryn.

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Regina Australe

Rawson 109, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 280-4854364 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 280-4993536

Recommendations Safety Above All:
The catamaran was built taking into consideration a commitment with the safety of the passengers and the preservation of nature. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, passengers just need to relax and enjoy. The crew is perfect and end up becoming friends with everyone.

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