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The quality of the dishes and the excellent assistance are two elements that make customers come back to share a delicious meal with friends or family at the restaurants of Puerto Varas.

The City of Roses, as Puerto Varas is known, is famous for entertaining visitors, guaranteeing wonderful rides and offering the chance of very good restaurant services. The protagonists at their tables are their exquisite fish and seafood choices and the ancient European pastries, jam and tart recipes.

Cassis: Right opposite the Piedraplen

This two-story venue made of thick local logs and offering the best view of Lake Llanquihue may be visited ever since breakfast time to very late at night. Its coffee, chocolate and pastry varieties add up to a countless list of salty dishes and good draft craft beer. We shared a drink with friends at sunset and chose a table at the ample terrace on the first floor, under the coquettish parasols.

  • Salty dishes and good draft craft beer

    Salty dishes and good draft craft beer

  • Politeness


  • Mushrooms sauteed in white wine

    Mushrooms sauteed in white wine

  • Right opposite the Piedraplen

    Right opposite the Piedraplen

  • Mirador del Lago

    Mirador del Lago

  • Amazing view of Lake Llanquihue

    Amazing view of Lake Llanquihue

  • Comfortably spacious table

    Comfortably spacious table

The constant movement of the young garzón let us see the outstanding presentations of the dishes. A huge tray of salmon ceviche, Parmesan large oysters and prawn brochettes accompanied by home baked rolls and bread sticks paraded before our eyes. So did onces made up by coffee or chocolate and European pastries, plenty of crepes, berry jam and cheesecake. In a very relaxed mood, we were delighted by some yummy snacks that included mushrooms sauteed in white wine, Roman squids with Tartar sauce, olives and raw ham, goat cheese and alioli; prawns and octopus with garlic, breaded seafood, large oysters, octopus and squid. Cassis started in Pucón, where its oldest branch is located. Its varied service and politeness has also landed at Puerto Varas.

Restaurante Mirador del Lago: Distinction and Signature

On the second floor of the elegant Hotel del Lago, which features an amazing view of Lake Llanquihue, the restaurant called Mirador del Lago is a classic for the most discerning customers. Whether at noon or in the evening, this is a wonderful site to enjoy a meal without haste and choosing from a menu worthy of international recognition. Its famed chefs combine regional taste with German recipes and thus manage unique specialties. Its garzones can masterfully interpret the taste of the customers. We picked a table lying close to one of the large windows so as to observe the first lights of the evening. Enjoying the comfortably spacious table, our meal began with a classic Chilean pisco sour. Afterwards, we chose a traditional beef carpaccio starter accompanied with capers, Parmesan cheese and quinoa salad and a large oyster ceviche with ginger aromas on a bed of asparagus and salad. The main course was a venison stew in craft dark beer with pine nut sauce, pearl rice and peppers sauteed in olive oil, and a delicious breaded salmon with fettuccini sauteed in pesto and grilled polenta sticks. The wine expert advised a proper variety for each dish. When it was time for dessert, we asked questions about some of them and ended up our meal with a sweet touch. We chose almond ice cream filled with chestnuts in cognac raspberry sauce and tiramisú with mint vanilla sauce. A fine liqueur glass was the perfect closing for dinner. We bade farewell to such a splendid site and its large windows and went out to wander the lit streets in the downtown area at the City of Roses.

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San Juan 431, local A (5550000) Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile

Tel: +56 65-2441529

Mirador del Lago (Cabañas del Lago)

Klenner 195 (5550000) Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile

Tel: +56 65-2232291

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Summer open hours: Mondays thru Sundays from 8:30am thru 3pm
Winter open hours: Mondays thru Sundays from 8:30am thru 8pm

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