A Night Symphony

Even after sunset, the hectic life in Puerto Varas remains alive because of countless night attractions offered along its downtown streets, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Whether facing the lake or on any of the many streets heading up in the city of Puerto Varas, the night lights invite tourists to eat out in an array of first class restaurants, cafeterias and pubs to relax after a daytime activity. Along with Puerto Montt, these are the cities in the X Region that barely sleep and a day may end up walking along their long waterfront under the stars reflected in the waters of Lake Llanquihue.

Cassis, Gourmet Destination

A few meters from the Piedraplén Pier, visitors can find this cafeteria and restaurant, a must-go place to taste a delicious dessert or ice-cream accompanied by one of its coffee or chocolate specialties or to be tempted by the classic bites known as picoteos for a perfect dinner solution.

  • The waters of Lake Llanquihue

    The waters of Lake Llanquihue

  • Cassis cafeteria and restaurant

    Cassis cafeteria and restaurant

  • The night lights

    The night lights

  • Hotel Colonos del Sur

    Hotel Colonos del Sur

  • Casino Dreams

    Casino Dreams

  • The sidewalks of Pérez Rosales Avenue

    The sidewalks of Pérez Rosales Avenue

  • Even after sunset

    Even after sunset

That was exactly what we needed and on a beautiful first-floor deck we shared several traditional small plates with olives accompanied by prosciutto, goat cheese and garlic mayonnaise, breaded seafood, large oyster, octopus and squids; mushrooms sauté with white wine and deep-fried squid rings served with tartar sauce. Some of us chose handmade beer chops and glasses of exquisite Chilean wine.

Fresh Air from the Coast

We decided to breathe in some fresh air and went for a walk along the sidewalks of Pérez Rosales Avenue and at the edge of the lake from Mount Phillipi up to Puerto Chico. We especially enjoyed how the brightness of lamp posts and the colored lights coming from the waterfront were reflected on the water mirror. The waterfront is also International Route 225 and heads for Ensenada, the waterfalls of the Petrohué and Peulla Rivers, and connects with San Carlos de Bariloche. Gorgeous hotels and one of the best-known restaurants, called Club de Yates, are located on the waterfront with the best view ever imagined.

Games and Shows in the Dreams Casino

We were tempted by the main night entertainment center of the city, which houses not only incredible roulette tables but also the most modern gambling games through its slot machines, black jack and bingo. Whereas for gambling enthusiasts these rooms are a fantastic and unavoidable venue to spend a good time, for others it is an ideal dining place. We resolved to have a drink as we enjoyed a music show until it was time to sleep. Located on the lakefront in a modern two-story building, this venue is the key to entertainment and emotions all around and the only gambling building licensed in the X Region in Chile. Besides its shows performed with the best music, sound and singers, it is home to permanent art exhibitions. Once we left Puerto Varas, we felt that this city combines daytime and nighttime activities resulting in a distinctive, perfect and tailor-made tour.

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Casino Dreams Puerto Varas

Del Salvador 21, Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile

Phone Phone: +56 65-2492000

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Summer Timetable: Mondays through Sundays from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Winter Timetable: Mondays through Sundays from 8:30am to 10:00 pm
Recommendations Like in any other tourist city, some precautions should be taken during the night. It is recommended to avoid carrying too much pocket money, leaving valuable belongings inside a parked car or hanging around alone.
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