Hiking towards Lake Esmeralda

This is one of the most interesting tours in the surroundings of Ushuaia. Lake Esmeralda features a unique charm, ideal to enjoy a walk with friends.

The proposal made by Ushuaia Aventura was most encouraging: going in search of the famous Lake Esmeralda, a simple excursion for whoever wishes to go hiking and seeing one of the most beautiful postcards in the surroundings of the City of Ushuaia.

This tour shows visitors around a natural trail that gets into a deep valley eroded by the glaciers thousands of years ago. Today, it lies between Mount Bonete and the Toribio Mountain Range. Both of them boast singular beauty.

The easiest way to start this outing is to reach Altos del Valle, the winter sports center located approximately 18 kilometers from Ushuaia through National Route 3.

  • The snowfall Laguna

    The snowfall Laguna

  • Fascinating environment

    Fascinating environment

  • A unique charm

    A unique charm

  • The most beautiful postcards

    The most beautiful postcards

  • To see something second to none

    To see something second to none

  • A remarkable quietness and fascinating hues

    A remarkable quietness and fascinating hues

  • 18 kilometers from Ushuaia

    18 kilometers from Ushuaia

At that point, a trail opened up towards our destination. We first crossed a small forest and then got deep into one of the typical southern bogs in the Province of Tierra del Fuego.

The hike continued amid jokes and anecdotes until we reached a beautiful bridge made of logs across Esmeralda Creek. That image helped us imagine the next scene we were about to discover.

After crossing the creek, the trail got into the forest again and then it forked. We were slowly approaching the splendor of the lake.

The color of its waters seduces the most skeptical visitors. Those who see it for the first time are instantly hypnotized by the way the exquisiteness of the surrounding scene is reflected upon this mirror.

All along the circuit, visitors may enjoy the presence of beavers and its dams, which enables them to understand the action of these rodents and the effects their work has on the local ecosystem.

As we reached the lake, our guide told us to get ready to see something second to none. And he was right: we reached the top of a low hill. There was no wind and we were immersed in a remarkable quietness and fascinating hues. Down there below us, we could see paradise itself.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza Ushuaia Aventura

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