Winter Resorts in Ushuaia

In addition to the already famous Castor Ski Resort, there is an important list of winter centers in Ushuaia ideal to enjoy when the snow starts falling. Here is a list of some of them.

Starting at famed Lapataia Bay (the end of Route 3), getting past the City of Ushuaia and going up the very Route 3 up to the viewpoint of Garibaldi Pass, various organized sites for snow sports enthusiasts -among which the well known Cerro Castor and other winter centers stand out- appear just minutes away from the city where diverse recreational activities become protagonists the moment the first snowfall comes.

Steps away from the City

A few kilometers away from the City of Ushuaia, there are several options to practice ski in sites specially designed for such purpose. Otherwise, visitors may have fun with the family at the ice rinks located in the city.

Glaciar Martial Center

Glaciar Martial Mountain Resort is open year round and during the winter, it is the perfect place to practice downhill ski, snowboarding, sled riding or snowshoeing.

  • Winter centers in Ushuaia ideal

    Winter centers in Ushuaia ideal

  • Trails for all levels

    Trails for all levels

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    For snow sports enthusiasts

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    Skiing in Patagonia

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Ushuaia Ski School

It offers equipment rental and both individual and group lessons, specially designed for adults and children. Its chairlift has 100 double chairs and covers almost 1,200 meters in just 10 minutes. This timing enables visitors to go up and down as many times as they wish. After a brief hike, the ascent leads to the foot of the Martial Glacier, which also features an incredible panoramic view of the city and its bay.

Ushuaia Canopy

Another interesting alternative for those who do not wish to go too far away from the city is to "fly" across the canopies and appreciate the scenery from the heights. Ideal for both grown-ups and children.

Well-known Pista Jerman

Cross-country ski is practiced at this venue, which lies a few steps away from the downtown. Named Francisco Jerman, it is located on the way to the Martial Glacier, just 5 kilometers away from the City of Ushuaia. This trail is from 2.5 to 7.5 kilometers long. There is equipment rental available at the center. On the other side of the road, also steps away from the city, there are some ice rinks called Tachuela and Laguna del Diablo. They are visited by locals and tourists alike when the weather conditions are suitable to enjoy ice-skating.

Winter Resorts in Ushuaia

Once outside the city and taking Route 3 heading for Tolhuín, visitors come across the valley and the several winter resorts that are becoming more and more popular in the winter at the world´s end.

Valle de los Lobos

Its name stands for "Valley of Wolves" in Spanish and the most representative activity at this winter resort is dog sledding. This ancient discipline managed to create a brotherhood of man with various breeds of dog, among which Huskies and Alaskan stand out. In addition to this singular ride, visitors may also enjoy hiking and crossings on the snow.

A Place Called Tierra Mayor

This winter resort was created by pioneer Gustavo Giró. It is a wonderful location to practice cross-country skiing, dog sledding, mix tours and crossings that may last for one or more days and go across the beautiful Fuegian woods.

Nunatak or Contact with Nature

There is no doubt that this slogan is the essence of this company, which started operating in 1991. In addition to hiking and cross-country skiing, it offers other activities such as horseback rides, 4WD tours, canoeing and mountain biking. Having its own refuge at the foot of Mount Alvear since 1997, Nunatak is a great place to enjoy snowshoeing, dog sledding or cross-country skiing when the winter comes.

Llanos del Castor

Surrounded by woods and mountains that give a hint of the features of Fuegian nature, this place provides the chance to enjoy various outdoor activities following sign-posted trails that let visitors see all kinds of birds and beavers as they hike around. In the winter, when snow accumulates and is preserved, this becomes the traditional venue for the international snow sculpture event.

Famous Cerro Castor Ski Resort

This is the major ski resort in the Province of Tierra del Fuego and it features trails for all levels, as well as modern lifts. Lying just 25 kilometers away from the City of Ushuaia, this center has experienced the highest development in Argentina in the last few years. Artificial snow cannons to improve the trails, modern lifts, premium ski and snowboard rental, restaurants, bars, pubs and all the technological services visitors need to feel as if they were at home are part of the added value provided by Castor today. In the same valley of woods and mountains, but on the other side of Route 3, there lie the following winter resorts:

Valle Hermoso

Undoubtedly, this cabin hosted by its owners summarizes the feeling and lifestyle of those who chose to live in the valley. Among the activities offered by this winter resort, snowshoeing and hiking across the woods are among the most highly coveted by visitors to Valle Hermoso.

Ushuaia Blanca

This is considered a very good cross-country ski resort. It has a rental and a school run by specialized instructors who offer both individual and group classes. Another attraction is its trail lit at night: something to consider during the long winter nights in Ushuaia. Its restaurant boasts a Fuegian menu. The outings available at this winter resort include: -After Cerro and Noche de Pioneros (Pioneers´ Night): they are both night rides for the entire family and they provide the chance to go around the valley and the forest on board snowmobiles or enjoying snowshoeing. The final destination is a mountain coffee-shop where visitors may taste craft beer and hot chocolate or Ernesto Krund Museum cabin, where a full dinner with the best regional dishes of Tierra del Fuego is served. Other tours include Ushuaia Blanca Full Day, Aventura Blanca, Trekking del Valle or Trekking de la Esfinge: all of them are an invitation to enjoy ATV and snowmobile rides, as well as snowshoeing or Nordic ski across this winter valley at the world´s end. They have all been specially designed to be enjoyed with the family and also by those who have a little more experience skiing.

Complejo Villa Las Cotorras

Visitors to Ushuaia cannot miss trying the traditional mountaineer´s coffee and Fuegian lamb roasted on the cross, as well as local trout, of course. As far as winter sports are concerned, the resort offers a wide variety of scenes to enjoy cross-country ski and let themselves be carried away by hikes across the forest or snowshoeing, an ideal activity for the entire family.

Criadero Böñaka

Criadero Bönaka is a family business where visitors may appreciate over a hundred Nordic and competition dogs cared and trained by the hosts. An amusing way to learn the secrets of these breeds and why they are essential to help men in these latitudes.


Haruwen Winter Resort was built in 1987 by Raúl Muriel and Marta Trabuchi. Both of them were born in Tierra del Fuego, and today, their son Damián is in charge of all the activities developed in the venue. It is located at Vega del Café Valley, at the foot of National Route 3, 36 kilometers north of Ushuaia and 18 kilometers from Lake Escondido. Haruwen was a pioneer center for dog sled races and the Ushuaia Sled Dog Race and Ushuaia Sled Dog Race for kids has been held at this location ever since 1993. For further information:

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