Exploring the Beagle

The surroundings look different from the sea. The sense of contemplation changes and the details previously gone unnoticed appear at first sight.

Navigations along the Beagle Channel enable visitors to see the extraordinary geography and wildlife of Tierra del Fuego on board modern boats that tour around the surrounding islands and bays.
Generally, groups do not surpass 25 passengers and the outing starts at the port of Ushuaia and moves around various attractions on half-day tours.

One of the most complete itineraries passes by Alicia Island to observe a colony of sea lions. Afterwards, the boat approaches Isla de los Pájaros (Birds’ Island) where king cormorants and imperial shags may be seen. Finally, it reaches Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lions’ Island) in order to spot specimens of these mammals, both South American sea lions and South American fur seals.

  • Desembarco en isla Bridges

    Desembarco en isla Bridges

  • Frente a Isla de los Pájaros

    Frente a Isla de los Pájaros

  • Navagando el Beagle

    Navagando el Beagle

  • Faro Les Eclaireurs

    Faro Les Eclaireurs

  • Recuerdos del paseo

    Recuerdos del paseo

  • Cormoranes


  • Lobos y pájaros

    Lobos y pájaros

On the way back, after passing by the symbolic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, passengers land on Bridges Island to go hiking on a wildlife mapping tour. Furthermore, this islet contains important vestiges of the primitive Yámana communities that dwelled in these lands.

Coffee and the traditional Argentinian mate are part of the treats offered by the guides to tone up the body and make people feel as if they were at home within an atmosphere created by the changing weather.

Exploring Ushuaia from the water is one of the most amusing options provided by local travel agencies. Besides, there are other routes and tours available according to season and to weather conditions. It is advisable to be informed.

Mónica Pons / Jorge González

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Useful Data

Tour Kind: sea tour

Level of Difficulty: baja.

Duration: half day

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