The World’s End Train

Amidst the forest, a steam locomotive and cars specially conditioned to travel comfortably revive the moving events related to the southernmost prison in the world.

Estación del Fin del Mundo (The World’s End Station) is the starting point for an enriching experience available at the City ofUshuaia. An itinerary that covers the wild scenes across which the prisoners traveled to contribute to their own survival start just eight kilometers away from the center.

As soon as we saw that formation of several colorful cars led by a steam locomotive, we hurried to find a seat. In a matter of minutes, the train whistle indicated that we were setting out. Thus, we let ourselves be carried away by the adventure, at a very slow pace.

First we moved along the ravine known as Cañadón del Toro, we bordered the river and then went over it. As we reached the station called Cascada la Macarena, we made a stop to watch the beauty of the mountains. The locomotive was loaded water and some other passengers got on. Then we resumed our journey.

The guide showed us the zigzagging course of the Pipo River. Later on, a log cemetery gave evidence of the extent to which valuable species had been cut down on the old days, when firewood was essential to do anything. At that location, trees were logged down by the prisoners to be used for heating and cooking.

  • Macarena Cascade Station

    Macarena Cascade Station

  • Doomsday Station

    Doomsday Station

  • La Porta, ready to go

    La Porta, ready to go

  • Among the peat bogs and river

    Among the peat bogs and river

  • Testimony logging of prisoners

    Testimony logging of prisoners

  • Park Station end of the ride

    Park Station end of the ride

  • Preparations in Zubieta

    Preparations in Zubieta

The accounts given about life in prison, the dangerousness of the prisoners and the hard work they were supposed to do were the topics that shocked us. The penitentiary was closed in the mid twentieth century.

Getting across the peat bogs was an imposing view. We observed the deep green hues resembling a large thick carpet and we learned that the moss regulates the draining of drinkable water. This benefits the population as well as the environment.

The thick vegetation accompanied us during the entire journey. Lengas, cherry trees, coihues and peat bogs multiplied their changing colors to both sides of the car.

The branch that leads to the prison was longer in the past and it used to go across the eastern side of Mount Susana and the center of the Pipo River Valley. Our photographs show how rudimentary those formations were, as they were used as transport only.

We finally got to Estación del Parque, the station where the locomotive was unhooked and placed at the other end of the train to start our way back. This charming means of transport let us appreciate the nature of those desolate Patagonian woods that hide so much information.
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Useful Data

Duration: 1 hour

Timetables: Departures 9:30am and 3pm. The train operates 365 days a year, adjusting timetables and departures according to season.

Recommendations: To appreciate the ride better and learn the history better, before getting on the train, it is convenient to visit the Museo del Presidio (Prison's Museum). At the ticket office, there is information available about the various trails that cross the area leaving from the Parque station, at the end of the rail.

Contact: Tren del Fín del Mundo
Ruta 3 Km. 3065 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina