Walking to the lagoon of the floes and the glacier Vinciguerra

The landscape around Vinciguerra Glacier and Laguna de los Témpanos (Icefloe Lake) is closer to sci-fi than to reality. Explore the unbelievable.

The simplest way to define this remarkable excursion is probably ‘all inclusive’, as travelers will not only be equipped for adventure, but will share anecdotes, feelings and unforgettable images.

On Vinciguerra Glacier

Vinciguerra is one of the largest glaciers in Tierra del Fuego. Walking on its icy surface poses a great challenge and an absolutely extraordinary experience for most. The added attraction of reaching one of the most spectacular lakes in the province makes this an unbeatable outing. The excursion might be somewhat more difficult than others, but it is suitable for anyone willing to walk a few hours. Our reward? Getting to know one of the most attractive circuits around the City of Ushuaia.

  • Lakes and icebergs

    Lakes and icebergs

  • Vinciguerra glacier

    Vinciguerra glacier

  • Trekking


  • The ancient ice

    The ancient ice

  • Ice Floes Lagoon

    Ice Floes Lagoon

  • Cave in the glacier

    Cave in the glacier

During a whole day of trekking visitors will come in contact with the most representative natural elements of the region. Trails leading through different geographic features such as woods, creeks, lakes and glaciers are a first-hand lesson on the geological evolution and formation of the glaciers. It is our guides who introduce us to this hitherto unknown world which will soon become part of knowing Patagonia. How were the glaciers formed? Why and how do they melt? Will they become extinct? Are they advancing or retreating? These are but some of the questions which came up as we walked towards our final destination: Laguna de los Témpanos. We left the hotel early and headed to the beginning of the trail. After walking for about half an hour, we crossed a footbridge over Arroyo Grande (Large Creek). The scenery is simply picture perfect though some could consider it a harsh natural environment: lakes undisturbed by the wind, snow capped mountains, crystal clear brooks where trout and beavers abound. After focusing our energy on walking to the top of a steep slope, we finally reached the lake. We stopped to have a well deserved rest, take some shots and have lunch before setting off in search of further adventures. We continued on our way to the glacier. The guides helped us attach crampons to our boots to walk safely on the icy surface of the glacier and begin our exploration. Walking on an ice field is a sci-fi experience. The millenary ice creaked beneath our boots as we went past crevices, huge caves and gulleys bearing witness to the formation of this incredible landscape. Our guide gave us a master class on glaciations and we were delighted to learn how to tell the difference between the colors, shapes and other characteristics of the ice. After taking as many snapshots as the memory of our digital cameras allowed, it was time to make our way back. We had seen the famous Laguna de los Témpanos and the living tracks of Vinciguerra Glacier, one of the largest and southernmost on our planet. Quite a feat!

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San Martin nº 870, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 2901-408801

Tour KindTour Kind: hiking
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: intermediate
DurationDuration: 7 hours
TimetablesTimetables: The tour starts at 9am
Recommendations Many travel agencies and tourist operators as well as mountain guides offer this excursion which has become a major attraction in Ushuaia. Seek advice. It is a full day outing.

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