Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

In a well-cared and protected setting, a program of activities invites you to enjoy the Ushuaia nature reserve, with a panoramic view of the southernmost capital.

More than 100 ha that preserve a native forest of lengas, ñires and coihues make up the Cerro Alarkén Natural Reserve. Very close to the summit of the hill, there is a luxury destination, Arakur Ushuaia , a hotel that extends along a natural balcony, in beautiful harmony with the surroundings. Nature and comfort The reserve has several marked circuits to start a simple walk or some more complex one. The Summit of Cerro Alarkén circuit leads to the top with 360 ° panoramic views. The Turbal circuit takes a peat bog witnessing the disappearance of the glaciers, with views of the Andorra and Río Chico valleys, the Vinciguerra glacier, Mount Olivia and Cerro Cinco Hermanos. This trail joins the Bosque and Mirador de la Bahía circuits, a route marked by old ax trails that approach a viewpoint on the Beagle Channel. The fourth circuit is more difficult and it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide. It is the circuit of the Río Chico Valley, where cascaded waterfalls, forests, wetlands, castoreras cross, until you reach a privileged viewpoint of the imposing Olivia. During the walks it is possible to meet native fauna such as red foxes, woodpeckers, black eagles and Andean condor.

  • Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

    Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

  • Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

    Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

  • Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve in autumn

    Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve in autumn

  • Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

    Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

  • Bird watching

    Bird watching

  • The Arakur Hotel

    The Arakur Hotel

  • The Arakur hotel and its views

    The Arakur hotel and its views

The Arakur hotel, located in the reserve, is sober and elegant, designed with a sustainable architecture that avoids pollution and saves energy. Its environmentally friendly construction materials integrate with the landscape and make the most of natural light. The windows of the reception have a wonderful opening towards the city and the sea. Contemporary designed rooms look out onto Ushuaia bay and the Rio Chico valley. The resort has two heated pools, one internal and one in / out with infinity edge, gym with technology equipment and two outdoor jacuzzis to enjoy and relax. There is also a games room, sauna and massage room. La Cravia is the hotel´s restaurant Arakur , with a choice of buffet and a la carte food. The grill, spider crab, lamb and black hake are among the most popular dishes among visitors. Nature and comfort in Arakur are intertwined with walks and guided walks. Among the excursions we can highlight the journey on the End of the World Train, the maritime walks through the islands of Los Pájaros, Los Lobos and the Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse or the 4x4 circuit to Lake Fagnano. It is not necessary to be lodged to access the trails of the Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve . All circuits leave from the hotel, just a few minutes from the city center. Some of these walks can also be done in winter with snowshoes.

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Cerro Alarkén 1, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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Tour KindTour Kind: Trekking, sighting of native flora and fauna.

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