Tourist reserve on the way to the Martial glacier

Road to the Martial Glacier includes a series of establishments committed to the care of the environment and its biodiversity. A walk to meet them.

The Tourist Reserve Road to the Martia Glacier l has the objective of preserving ecological systems and natural resources. All establishments located there follow the same line of behavior and highlight environmental practices that minimize the impact on the beautiful environment of Ushuaia .
Its main axis of work is sustainability to enjoy the forest and, above all, enjoy it with the awareness that future generations can also do it. For this they are focused on values ​​and commitments of environmental care and its biodiversity.

Nevada Village
Aldea Nevada is a mountain refuge in the heart of the Fuegian forest that enters the path to the glacier. The cabins keep a harmonious style with the environment of native trails and forests. Wood, landscape and history coexist in the services of the complex with emphasis on the possibility of amalgamation of experiences that fill visitors with excitement, enjoying their stay, walks, serenity and privacy.

Altos Ushuaia Hotel & Restó
It is the perfect place to enjoy a cozy mountain stay, with incredible views of the Beagle Channel and the bay. Altos Ushuaia is an ideal accommodation for families, with large, comfortable and functional rooms, distributed over three floors. Those who know him choose it again for the bright and warm spaces, the panoramic landscape and the good attention of his staff. The hotel includes breakfast and has menu options for dinner.

Cabañas del Martial
On the slope, the complex has everything around to enjoy nature with the imaginary background of the end of the world. Cabañas del Martial is attended by its own owners, which gives the stay a warm and friendly treatment to want to repeat the experience. From its privileged location you can see the Beagle Channel and the ships and cruise ships that paint the horizon. The rooms are comfortable, suitable for the whole family, with an equipped kitchen. It is a pet friendly establishment.

  • Aldea Nevada

    Aldea Nevada

  • Altos Ushuaia Hotel & Restó

    Altos Ushuaia Hotel & Restó

  • Cabañas del Martial

    Cabañas del Martial

  • Chez Manu

    Chez Manu

  • Cumbres del Martial

    Cumbres del Martial

  • La Cabaña, casa de té

    La Cabaña, casa de té

  • Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort

    Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort

Chez Manu
Chef Emmanuel Herbin takes advantage of regional products to prepare his French cuisine. It is a signature cuisine to satisfy an exquisite palate, a kitchen that worships haute cuisine, in which quality products and presentations are very careful. The living room has a panoramic view of the Ushuaia Bay and the Beagle Channel. Chez Manu is perfect to enjoy a dreamy evening, with Patagonian flavors and French nuances.

Club Andino Ushuaia
The association is a mountain club, founded in 1956. The aim of its schools is to promote and practice winter sports and mountaineering. With this general parameter, the CAU promotes excursions and group outings; build roads, paths and mountain shelters; announces the beauties of the region; cooperates with the conservation of flora and fauna; generates and promotes sports and cultural activities inherent to its objectives and the interests of its members.

Martial Summits
At the end of the reserve on the way to the glacier, the mountain village is a postcard nestled in an authentic forest. The views of the peaks and the music of the Buena Esperanza stream stimulate a serene and peaceful stay. Cumbres del Martial architecture stands out for genuine materials, such as stone and logs, and large windows to appreciate all the immediate beauty. The experience is complemented by La Cabaña, a tea house, where you can have breakfast.

La Cabaña, tea house
In the surroundings of Cumbres del Martial, a tea house invites you to spend a warm and cozy moment enjoying the delicacies of the pastry shop and the rich infusions. In Ushuaia the visit to La Cabaña is a classic not to miss the tea ritual with cakes or cake. On the other hand, those who approach there have the possibility of acquiring exclusive products in the gift shop, such as precious tea sets or accessories to complete the service.

Ushuaia Ski School
At the base of the Martial Glacier, the destination is the Ushuaia Ski School. It is a familiar place to slide through the snow and learn to live with it. Founded in 1994, the school is the oldest in Tierra del Fuego and is as close to residents as to travelers who are looking for snow slopes framed in incredible landscapes of forests and mountain skies, with the plus in this case of having a privileged view of the Beagle Channel.

Canopy Ushuaia
The summer options at the base of the Martial glacier are expanded with the proposal of Canopy Ushuaia. Flying between old trees, looking up and enjoying incredible landscapes is a different and fun outing for the whole family. It is an activity that is gaining greater significance among sustainable tourism options, as a reflection of global changes and more personal searches made by travelers.

Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort
A resort in Ushuaia is pleasure at its best. Las Hayas is submerged in a forest of ñires, lengas, cherries and beech. In the surroundings of the Beagle Channel and the nature reserve they grant you all the unparalleled beauty that adds to its comfortable services. Its 5-star rooms provide all the comfort and the landscape enters through its windows to enjoy a very pleasant stay. It has a gourmet restaurant and a sophisticated and relaxed bar.

Los Acebos Ushuaia Hotel
Overlooking the Beagle Channel, the stay in Los Acebos is warm and unforgettable. The 4-star rooms, spacious and comfortable, give off all the comfort and are taken care of in detail so that they are in harmony with the beautiful and sublime surroundings of Ushuaia. Its elevated location allows you to have one of the best panoramic views of the bay and the city. The gourmet restaurant prepares its delicacies with native products.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Aldea Nevada

Fernando Luis Martial 1430 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-422868 Cel: +54 2901-486390

Altos Ushuaia

Luis F. Martial 1441 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-422990

Del Martial

Cno. Glaciar Martial 2109 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-430475 Cel: +54 2901-609366

Cumbres del Martial

Luis Fernando Martial 3550 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-424779 Cel: +54 2901-469221

La Cabaña

Luis Fernando Martial 3550 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-424779 Cel: +54 2901-469221

Canopy Ushuaia

L. Martial 3551 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Cel: +54 2901-503767

Las Hayas

Luis F. Martial 1650 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-442000

Los Acebos Ushuaia Hotel

Luis Martial 1911 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tel: +54 2901-442200

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