A Bicycle through The Winter

There is nothing better than a bicycle for travelers to see the world’s end in the winter. Though days are shorter, this is a fascinating experience.

The winter is here and though nights are longer and days are really short, the option of enjoying the southernmost city in the world is always luring for tourists from all over the world. In this case, we resolved to tour around the city on one of the most elementary but perfect vehicles ever: a bicycle.

We had seen some incredible photographs in which tourists cycled along icy roads, among lakes and rivers, as if they were inside a science fiction.

No sooner had we settled down in Ushuaia than we heard about Ushuaia Extremo tourist operators, who offer these tours headed for different sites in the City of Ushuaia, combining an urban ride, which shows the sights, and a tour around the forests lying close to the National Park. These outings last approximately 5/6 hours and make adventurers fall madly in love with what the denizens of Ushuaia have come to call the “world’s end”. Undoubtedly, first-comers will consider Ushuaia as one of those sites on the planet where happiness is available year round.

  • Even on the ice

    Even on the ice

  • A fantastic landscape

    A fantastic landscape

  • An unforgettable photo

    An unforgettable photo

  • End of the world

    End of the world

  • Snow of the best

    Snow of the best

  • Cross the valley and pass through panoramic points

    Cross the valley and pass through panoramic points

Once we met all the members in the group, our bilingual guide began to explain the itinerary we would follow soon afterwards, as we would go in search of the typical attractions in this must-visit destination. Thus, we set out around the main streets. We got past the extraordinary local church, the Malvinas Monument and finally took the waterfront to reach the famous signpost reading “Ushuaia Fin del Mundo” (Ushuaia the World’s End) and have our picture taken standing next to it.

“The best is yet to come” promised our guide enthusiastically. National Route 3 and the famous world’s end train appeared before us in a matter of minutes. Most of us considered this was the best destination in the itinerary Ushuaia Extremo had devised for those of us who had chosen “the urban circuit”.

We returned to the starting point this time pedalling along the highest part of the city, from where we could see the old ski trail, Laguna del Diablo (the Devil’s Lake) and Camino Centenario (Centennial Road). Before we could realize -or even start to sweat-, the outing was almost over. The chance to see Ushuaia and its surroundings from a fully different perspective was a dream come true.

Other Must Visit Trails

“Martial Glacier” is a classic outing Ushuaia Extremo offers. It consists in a visit to one of the most emblematic trails in the city, which features the best views of the Beagle Channel and the entire bay.

“Estancia Túnel” is another tour available at Ushuaia Extremo. This endless trail is ideal for mountain bikes to tour around the National Park area and the same woods that have made this region famous.

Another favorite among travelers is the “Visit to the beaver lodges”. This outing offers contact with these small animals that have given local denizens much work. Though many of them prefer to avoid the beavers, there is no doubt that getting to know their world is a magical experience for tourists.

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Tel: +54 2901-435404

Recommendations Besides programmed tours, visitors may also hire a bike. Ushuaia Extremo offers the chance to customize your own itinerary -whether alone or with friends- around the wonderful City of Ushuaia. The bikes are in perfect condition and have 24 speeds with multiple gears as well as disc brakes. Besides, there is a 3x2 special offer: rent a bike for three days or for three people and just pay for two. If adventurers wish to keep these memorable moments, they may also hire a GoPro to register them.

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