Ushuaia and Summer on a Bike

There is nothing better than a bicycle for travelers who feel like getting to see the world’s end. In the summer, they can pedal all day and visit the most incredible corners of this amazing city.

In the summer, it is a good idea to enjoy the City of Ushuaia on one of the most elementary but perfect vehicles ever: a bike.

The tourist operators at Ushuaia Extremo were waiting for us so as to show us the most spectacular nooks in a city where days become practically endless in the summertime. These so-called “urban tours” consist in touring around 20 kilometers for 5/6 hours while observing the most emblematic and outstanding sights at the “world’s end”. Talking about the “world’s end” is usual among the denizens of Ushuaia, and it takes only a few hours for tourists to do likewise.

We left from the tourist agency run by Ushuaia Extremo on our bikes wearing a helmet. The first thing the guide said was: “the city tour has begun”. Very slowly but with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, we started to discover the eye-catching sites and postcards where we had always longed to be. A group photograph at the famous signpost reading “Ushuaia Fin del Mundo” (Ushuaia the World’s End) seemed like a perfect finale for that excursion. However, the adventure had only just started.

  • Until the sun goes down

    Until the sun goes down

  • For those looking for nature

    For those looking for nature

  • Challenge to adventure

    Challenge to adventure

  • Possibility for you to make your own journey

    Possibility for you to make your own journey

We reached the Saint Christopher and bordered the extensive bay to enjoy it from an angle unknown to tourists. “The best is yet to come” promised our guide. National Route 3 and the famous world’s end train appeared before us in a matter of minutes. Most of us considered this was the best destination in the itinerary Ushuaia Extremo had devised for those of us who had chosen “the urban circuit”.

We started our way back through the highest part of the city, which displayed a view of the old ski trail, Laguna del Diablo (the Devil’s Lake) and Camino Centenario (Centennial Road). Then we got back to the agency, where other friends who had hired the same tour were waiting for us.

The dream of getting to see Ushuaia and its surroundings in a completely different way had become real.

More Tours to Hire at Ushuaia Extremos

“Estancia Túnel” is another tour available at Ushuaia Extremo and those who were lucky enough to go on this excursion assert it is awesome. It is located outside the National Park and ensures that mountain bikers will feel fulfilled as they follow one of the most fabulous and inhospitable trails treasured by the island of Tierra del Fuego

“Martial Glacier” is another classic outing they offer. It features one of the best views of the Beagle Channel and the entire bay surrounding this wonderful city.

Even though this is a winter tour, another tempting circuit for tourists is “In search of Fuegian beaver lodges”. Ideal for couples or kids, this outing includes a stop at Valle de Lobos (Wolves Valley), a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute dog breeding center with an incredible story that conquers whoever crosses the gates of this venue.

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Recommendations Además de los tours programados, también podes salir a andar por tu cuenta alquilando una bici. Ushuaia Extremo te ofrece esa posibilidad para que armes tu propio recorrido y comiences a recorrer solo o con tus amigos la maravillosa ciudad de Ushuaia. Las bicis se encuentran en perfecto estado de mantenimiento, cuenta con cambios y 24 velocidades y frenos a disco. Además, podes aprovechar la promoción de 3x2. Alquila bicis por tres (tres días, o tres personas) y solo abona dos. Si la idea es también guardar estos momentos imperdibles, te ofrecemos una GoPro para que te acompañe en tu recorrido

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