Piedras Blancas,winter in Cerro Otto

Cerro Otto in winter is one of the wonders that visitors to Bariloche can be found just 5 km from the Centre of the city, entering by the access Cerro Otto. To enjoy the cold mountain and winter landscapes, nothing better than the Piedras Blancas complex, ideal for those who make contact for the first time with the snow.

Piedras Blancas

At any time of the year the Cerro Otto is a super output for Bariloche, but in winter fun is especially reflected in the activities with snow. Piedras Blancas was erected on a slope of the hill where the pioneers entered the ski. Today it is one of the resorts major attractions to feel the charm of the snow. They are 3 km of trails to enjoy the snow with different proposals. Slide sledge tours exclusive in the middle of winter landscapes, to experience the adventure of flying in the mountains or enjoy the snow tubing are attractions that draw attention of children and adults. They are all possible activities in the range offered by the Piedras Blancas complex and that generate adrenaline and pure feelings in contact with snow; and the best is that it requires no physical skills. For this reason, it is ideal for family or friends stroll. But the activities do not end there. A snow safari takes visitors on a journey of beautiful Patagonian images to fill the spirit, renew energy and save on the camera. The lifts lead to the Summit with incredible views of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and Lake

  • Exclusive track of Tubing.

    Exclusive track of Tubing.

  • Snow Mountain bike rides

    Snow Mountain bike rides

  • 3000 metres of exclusive tracks for sledges

    3000 metres of exclusive tracks for sledges

  • Funny curves and descents by mountain

    Funny curves and descents by mountain

  • Beautiful views snowfall in the mount Otto

    Beautiful views snowfall in the mount Otto

  • Lifts rising

    Lifts rising

  • Ski for beginners

    Ski for beginners

The pioneer Otto Meiling A famous neighbor and pioneer inhabited the hillside of Cerro Otto. There he had his refuge that he baptized Berghof, "mountain house", and a workshop where he built skis. Otto Meiling focused on this sport and mountain crossings. He perfected the mastery of the boards and created a ski school around the hillside of Cerro Otto. His proposal echoed in a city that took on a tourist character. He was also passionate about mountain climbs and Cerro Tronador, whose refuge bears his name, became his favorite ride. To get to Piedras Blancas, there are qualified tourism agencies or you can climb with your own vehicle, considering all the precautions to travel on roads and routes with snow. And don´t forget to wear warm and waterproof clothes to enjoy a full day at Cerro Otto.

Autor Miriam Coronel

Recommendations Go dressed in warm clothes and very waterproof. To enjoy a day in contact with the snow is necessary to attend the complex with the appropriate clothing. You can rent it previously in the premises of the center of Bariloche destined for this purpose. Check with your hotel.

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