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Birds Haven

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Ornithologists' Lagoon - Trelew

Along with other water mirrors, the Ornithologists' Lagoons congregate various bird species that attract watchers.

This lagoon area is located only 7 kilometers from the City of Trelew. As it lacks protection and access roads are quite precarious, it is advisable to visit the zone in the company of a specialized guide.
This is the ideal spot for specialists in birds and that is why it has been given that name. The lagunas del Ornitólogo (Ornithologists' Lagoons) constitute a small oasis nestled in the Patagonian desert and the habitat of an incredible number of birds.
Ornithology is an incipient activity in Trelew which promises a significant growth due to its variety of species.
The vegetation is typical of the Patagonian steppe arid lands but, unlike other regions, there is a great diversity of flora and bird fauna in this natural environment. .

Ten duck species which visit the area, three coot species and the two only species of swans in Argentina may be identified in the lagoons.
The black-necked swan is one of the most aquatic in its species. It dwells fresh and salt water concentrations and the sea shores, generally where there is seaweed and plancton.
Another swan species approaching this place is the enigmatic coscoroba which, even if it has been classified by the scientists as a swan, it is related to the goose and the West Indies whistling duck.

The beautiful southern flamingoes, also called Chilean flamingoes, show off at the lagoons, just like the Wilson's phaloropes, two gull species, neotropic cormorants and three grebe species.
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How to get here
from the center of the city, 7km are travelled up to the lagoons.
carry good binoculars.
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