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Exquisite Tradition

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Welsh Tea in Gaiman

An encounter with the Welsh customs takes us back in time. We have the famous Welsh tea, sharing vivid moments amidst cakes, bread and jams.

The orange sunset would start to show at the horizon. We were traveling along National Route 25, across the lower Chubut River Valley. Our next destination was Gaiman, an ancient Welsh colony that still preserves the traditions of its first settlers.

In the center of the small district, we visited two tea houses in order to learn more about these Welsh customs, part of the local traditions.

Ty Gwyn
Sonia welcomed us at her house, today an icon of Welsh tea in the area. Built 30 years ago, the large house shelters part of the rich history of a family that succeeded in passing their traditions from generation to generation.
Welsh Tea in Gaiman
While she poured tea, her story took us back to the mid XIXth century, when 153 Welshmen –including her relatives– traveled from Liverpool to the shores of Puerto Madryn in search for the New Wales. Soon afterwards, the colonists founded Gaiman, a word that means “non-sharpened stone” in the Tehuelche tongue.
Welsh Tea in Gaiman
We tasted the tea Sonia had prepared and served in fine china cups. The delicate beverage was accompanied by typical delicacies such as black cake, cream cake, nut cake, apple pie, chocolate cake and fruit cake, as well as some delicious home-baked bread with butter and jam made with season fruit.

We continued chatting until late in the afternoon and we still felt like learning a little more about the history of Gaiman, which can be discovered by sharing a cup of tea.

Ty Cymraeg
Brenda and Diego are the owners of this tea house and, just like Sonia, they share the history of their Welsh family with visitors. The tea room transmits the peace of the Chubut River, which lies right opposite.
Brenda brought us the tea-pot and laid the bread, the scones and the jams on the table.

Everything was handmade, of course. As we talked, we tasted the cream and fruit tarts, the lemon pie and some delicious pastries made with dulce de leche and nuts.
Welsh Tea in Gaiman
It was getting dark and we had to go back to Trelew. But before saying good-bye, we accepted Diego’s invitation to stay at their inn the next time we visited the area.

Useful Data
How to get here
To get to Gaiman from Puerto Madryn, go along National Route 3 heading southwards to Trelew, and then take National Route 25 towards the west, until destination is reached, going along a total distance of 75 kilometers. In general, when coming back from the Punta Tombo penguin colony, the Chubut River lower valley is crossed, where this district is nestled.
Do not miss the opportunity of being an active part of this daily ritual. Getting to know the habits of the communities is useful to learn about their culture and typical customs in an exquisite fashion.
What to Buy: among the most outstanding souvenirs from the tea house, visitors may acquire Welsh love spoons.
Ty Gwyn
9 de julio 111 (9105) Gaiman - Chubut - Argentina
Tel: +54 280 449-1009  
Ty Cymraeg
Abraham Mathews 74 (9105) Gaiman - Chubut - Argentina
Tel: +54 280 449-1010  Cel: 15-4661877  
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The Viewpoint

“After enjoying our typical Welsh tea, visitors may rejoice in our comfortable hostelry which, built in European style, offers the tourist a cozy stay. Its large rooms overlooking the river have hot water, private bathroom and bedclothes. Besides, in our nice dining-room, visitors may taste a handmade breakfast.
For such reason, and for many others, I invite whoever wishes to know the history of my family to come to Ty Gwyn and discover all that happened after July 28, 1865, when some Welsh families decided to populate Patagonia.”
    Propietary of Ty Gwyn

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