Patagonia, Friday, March 27, 2015
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Photo gallery

  • Probando en el Limay - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Probando en el Limay (1)
  • Boca del Chimehuin - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Boca del Chimehuin (2)
  • Buen lanzamiento - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Buen lanzamiento (1)
  • Pique - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Pique (1)
  • Mosqueando - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Mosqueando (1)
  • Lake Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Lake Traful (2)
  • Río Quilquihue - Photo: Jorge González
    Río Quilquihue (3)
  • El equipo - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    El equipo (1)
  • Flotada - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Flotada (2)
  • Devolución - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Devolución (2)
  • En el Chimehuin - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    En el Chimehuin (2)
  • Río Malleo - Photo: Santiago Gaudio
    Río Malleo (4)
  • Trucha marrón - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Trucha marrón (2)
  • Atado de mosca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Atado de mosca (2)
  • Lanzamiento - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Lanzamiento (1)
  • Cambio de mosca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Cambio de mosca (2)
  • Casteando - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Casteando (1)
  • Trampa de peces - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Trampa de peces (2)
  • Llegar a los pesqueros - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Llegar a los pesqueros (1)
  • Postal de pesca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Postal de pesca (2)
  • Desembocadura del Log Log - Photo: Jorge González
    Quilquihue (3)
  • Buen pique - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Buen pique (2)
  • Hermosa pieza - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Hermosa pieza (1)
  • Fishing in Lake Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Fishing in Lake Traful (2)
  • Detalles - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Detalles (1)
  • Foltando el Limay - Photo: Jorge González
    Foltando el Limay (3)
  • Pesca en los lagos - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Pesca en los lagos (2)
  • Cruzando el río - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Cruzando el río (2)
  • Fishing in Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Fishing in Traful (2)
  • Trampa de peces - Photo: Jorge González
    Trampa de peces (3)
Photos (1): Palmiro Bedeschi ( )
Photos (2): Pablo Etchevers
Photos (3): Jorge González ( )
Photos (4): Santiago Gaudio ( )
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Fly Fishing

It is inevitable that we use passion to speak about fishing. A passion that invades each of us, anglers, in a different way, but usually by means of anecdotes or experiences.
Not only is fly-fishing passionate, but it also surpasses passion to such an extent that it is hard to put it into words. It can be told, like I am telling you at this very moment, but experience is and must be personal, always

4x4 - Quad Rides

Within this section, there are several activities that are closely related to adventure and risk, capable of generating bursts of adrenaline at an unusual rhythm.
Exciting excursions on 4 x 4 vehicles or challenging quad rides captivate the senses at the same time you can experience the joy of seeing and enjoying nature in its purest state from a different point of view.

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