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All the secrets of this sports in Patagonia

Photo gallery

  • Probando en el Limay - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Probando en el Limay (1)
  • Boca del Chimehuin - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Boca del Chimehuin (2)
  • Buen lanzamiento - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Buen lanzamiento (1)
  • Pique - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Pique (1)
  • Mosqueando - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Mosqueando (1)
  • Lake Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Lake Traful (2)
  • Río Quilquihue - Photo: Jorge González
    Río Quilquihue (3)
  • El equipo - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    El equipo (1)
  • Flotada - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Flotada (2)
  • Devolución - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Devolución (2)
  • En el Chimehuin - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    En el Chimehuin (2)
  • Río Malleo - Photo: Santiago Gaudio
    Río Malleo (4)
  • Trucha marrón - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Trucha marrón (2)
  • Atado de mosca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Atado de mosca (2)
  • Lanzamiento - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Lanzamiento (1)
  • Cambio de mosca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Cambio de mosca (2)
  • Casteando - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Casteando (1)
  • Trampa de peces - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Trampa de peces (2)
  • Llegar a los pesqueros - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Llegar a los pesqueros (1)
  • Postal de pesca - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Postal de pesca (2)
  • Desembocadura del Log Log - Photo: Jorge González
    Quilquihue (3)
  • Buen pique - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Buen pique (2)
  • Hermosa pieza - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Hermosa pieza (1)
  • Fishing in Lake Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Fishing in Lake Traful (2)
  • Detalles - Photo: Palmiro Bedeschi
    Detalles (1)
  • Foltando el Limay - Photo: Jorge González
    Foltando el Limay (3)
  • Pesca en los lagos - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Pesca en los lagos (2)
  • Cruzando el río - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Cruzando el río (2)
  • Fishing in Traful - Photo: Pablo Etchevers
    Fishing in Traful (2)
  • Trampa de peces - Photo: Jorge González
    Trampa de peces (3)
Photos (1): Palmiro Bedeschi ( )
Photos (2): Pablo Etchevers
Photos (3): Jorge González ( )
Photos (4): Santiago Gaudio ( )
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Patagonian wines

Located in the southern end of the American continent, Patagonia meets several natural conditions and characteristics ideal for growing vineyards.
Pure air, clear skies and endless silences are only interrupted by the whispers of the winds that cross the area from the Andes Mountain Range to the Atlantic Ocean, carrying the mysterious aromas of the bushes and the wild berries.

Horseback Excursions

Those who wish to experiment something new may choose a horseback ride over mountains, amidst forests, along beaches or across streams with the whole family enjoying beautiful moments.
It is ideal to go on these excursions guided by the local experts and on docile Creole horses.
If you are going on a short excursion, it is not necessary that you can ride. A quick theoretical chat with the guide will be enough for you to get used to the reins.

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