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All the secrets of this sports in Patagonia


The idea or this section is to enable all those who are just starting to fly-fish to have a first approach to this fascinating world.
All of us who have already gone through this experience know that the choice of the first pieces of equipment is a complicated matter.


How to choose the first rod and the first reel, to recognize why there are various types of lines, to learn what a leader is and what it is used for, or to understand why fly-fishing requires a certain set of clothes are some of the great questions we have asked ourselves in the beginning.

Not to talk about having a first approach to the fascinating and complicated world of the flies and the insects. Learning how to wade across a river and do it safely is another great challenge that must cross a beginner's mind.


But we all know that if man resolves to reach a degree of true knowledge on any matter, he must simply start from the beginning. We all have once been beginners and, thanks God, there will always be infinite sites where we will continue to be. And it is very good that it be so.

Therefore, what is important is to begin. I always remember that unquestionable popular saying that goes: a one-thousand-step path is walked by giving the first step .

Go ahead, future fly-fishermen.



A fly-fisherman’s clothing and equipment must be comfortable and safe, as is the case with any water sport. Though it is impossible to carry everything a fisherman might need on their person, certain considerations and elements shouldn’t to be forgotten in order to guarantee a day’s fly-fishing.

Adequate interior clothing is fundamental when dressing for a fly-fishing outing. Fleece or wool socks, long underwear, and sweaters are essential.

When purchasing new clothing and equipment it is best to select items that are have ocher or earth tones, such as brown or green. These colors help fishermen camouflage within the aquatic environment, making them as least noticeable as possible to the fish.

A fisherman must wear a pair of pants that are not too tight or too loose. Jeans are not recommended because they are uncomfortable and restrict movement when worn inside a pair of waders. Long underwear, khakis, sweatpants, and the popular Argentine bombacha safari pants are ideal.

Finally, the crowning piece of fly-fishing apparel—and not just because it goes on your head, or because it is they international symbol of fly-fishing—, the fishing hat. The best fishing hats are wide brimmed to help protect fishermen from the sun, rain, wind and cold. With regards to the prior, it is of course advisable that fly-fishermen wear adequate sun block and sunglasses.

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