The port

Traditional fishing nook, Rawson Port shows all its picturesque charm.

The fishing boats wait quietly to start working at Rawson Port. Lying only 6 kilometers from the city, its pier is located in the river next to its mouth, where the classical yellow boats that make up the local fishing fleet are moored.

It is not unusual to see some sea lions escorting the boats and waiting for the fishermen to throw a part of their booty to them.

At the jetty or at Magagna Beach, meeting points for vairous sports competitions, the fishermen may be watched as they try their luck.

The canteens surrounding this area attract visitors with the aroma of paellas and seafood casseroles, and other typical seafood dishes.

  • Bound for the port

    Bound for the port

  • Picturesque charm

    Picturesque charm

  • Fishermen trying their luck

    Fishermen trying their luck

  • Harbor Lighthouse

    Harbor Lighthouse

  • Traditional fishing nook

    Traditional fishing nook

  • The local fishing fleet

    The local fishing fleet

In the summer, Rawson Port dresses up to celebrate the traditional Fishermen Festival, which summons countless tourists and local dwellers. The election of the Fishermen Queen and other cultural and sports events are part of these celebrations.

As well, the nautical pilgrimate, with Virgin Stella Maris, Patron Saint of the sea and fishing boats, stands out. In this ocassion, the boats leave from the pier, go for a ride off the shores of Unión Beach and throw flowers to the sea as a tribute to sailors lost at sea.

Karina Jozami / Eduardo Epifanio

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Useful Data

Tour Kind: contemplative.

Level of Difficulty: low.

Recommendations: Try seafood canteens port.

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