Rambo for a Day. Unforgettable

Many people think this is what Ushuaia needed in order to become the most complete and amusing city in Argentina. A paintball field featuring incredible scenes.

As kids, and also as grown-ups, many of us have dreamed of being part of an army, of playing the game of conquering land or just playing “Rambo” using a machine gun to help us achieve our aim. War games have multiplied as a result of the many gadgets available today. However, experiencing them in real life is a completely different thing. That is how Combate Austral was created and has become one of the newest attractions in the City of Ushuaia, contributing amusement and recreation to the wide array of options offered by this destination.

Specially designed for groups of friends, students, birthday parties, family groups, corporate events, bachelor parties and divorces, this activity has successfully become a safe entertainment that is gaining more and more followers thanks to the landscapes of Ushuaia. Either with snow or surrounded by incredible woods, players hide inside beaver lodges and get camouflaged in the unique vegetation of these latitudes. This enterprise has come to be called Combate Austral and it offers a half-day or full-day outing perfect for the entire family and enjoyable by any visitor to the amazing City of Ushuaia.

  • Play Rambo

    Play Rambo

  • Camouflaging


  • In the snow

    In the snow

  • In family

    In family

  • With the landscape of Ushuaia

    With the landscape of Ushuaia

  • War games

    War games

It is ideal to experience this attraction in groups, fighting others. Yet, this activity is more focused on strategy, cunning, deployment techniques and especially adrenaline. Everyone wants to win and nobody gets hurt. We have to experience it in order to fully understand what it is about. After being part of this game, we will certainly spread the word. The truth is that everyone wants to come back.

Pablo Etchevers / Gentileza Combate Austral

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Useful Data

Contact: Combate Austral
Lucas bridges 758 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Cel: +54 2901-501928

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