Trekking and canopy at the Martial Glacier

An ideal site to practice several activities, the Martial Glacier also features unforgettable sights of the city and its surroundings.

A few kilometers to the northeast of the City of Ushuaia, there stands one of the most important tourist attractions in the region: the Martial Glacier, a natural wonder that has a lot to offer year round.

White and Height

The Martial Glacier lies 1,050 meters above sea level and it is the most important source of fresh water in Ushuaia. It has been named after explorer Luis Fernando Martial, chief of the French expedition that reached the area with scientific purposes in 1883.

In the summer, this is an ideal place to practice various activities such as hiking or trekking with circuits of different durations -from a few minutes to a whole day itinerary- and difficulties. But when the winter comes, everything is covered by a white blanket.

  • Primer tramo en aerosilla

    Primer tramo en aerosilla

  • El sendero es ancho y seguro

    El sendero es ancho y seguro

  • A mayo altura, el ascenso es entre piedras y arroyos

    A mayo altura, el ascenso es entre piedras y arroyos

  • En la parte alta, nos encontramos con planchones de nieve

    En la parte alta, nos encontramos con planchones de nieve

  • Una vista impactante desde lo alto

    Una vista impactante desde lo alto

  • El retorno en la aerosilla

    El retorno en la aerosilla

  • Base del glaciar

    Base del glaciar

We left the city through fully-paved and sign-posted National Route 3. In the winter, the snow is cleared in order to make driving safer.

When the days are shorter at the End of the World, a ski resort opens at the Martial Glacier. It occupies an area of 56 square kilometers and a chairlift makes access easier.

The resort is ideal for the practice of downhill ski and, especially, for off-piste areas, used by highly experienced skiers.

Going Higher and Higher

The ride on the chairlift features wonderful sights of the mountain and the city and it also gets visitors closer to the point where the trails to the top start.

Ushuaia’s Andean Club’s refuge is located at the end of the tour. To one side, a trail borders a river course up to the very base of the glacier.

The Ice beneath our Feet

At this point, the possibility to continue walking on the ice opens up. The ascent is not difficult. The greatest slope is at the beginning of the stretch. It is necessary to have the appropriate gear and some kind of experience in these activities. If the ascent is done in the spring or fall, hikers must be extremely careful with the cracks, as the ice bridges are weak.

From the ice, the end of the Andorra Valley and the hill bearing the same name may be observed. To the other side, an impressive view of the Beagle Channel and Ambarino and Hoste Islands may be observed.

Other Tours

Those who choose not to climb on the ice may follow the trail along the Negro Ravine, an ample valley opening up to the right of the glacier’s base.

On its highest part, the ravine ends up in the shape of an amphitheater or circus, from where the hills on Hoste Island may be observed with its glacier. Also, there is a view of the Beagle Channel and the islands in it.

For the descent, we simply retraced our steps until we reached the chairlift again. Feeling both amazed and tired, we went back to the car.

One recommendation we had been given was to walk down to the city following the road in order to catch some good glimpses of town and the Beagle Channel. We would certainly leave that for the next opportunity.

Zip-lining and Ski School, Two Classics

Next to the base of the Martial Glacier, visitors may enjoy two activities specially designed for them, namely: zip-lining, which lets them slide through the canopies of ancient woods, and taking their first steps in ski at the school located at the base of the Martial Glacier. For over 15 years, the school has been one of the best-known tourist attractions in Ushuaia and it has already become a classic.
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