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Churches of Chiloé

Castro Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio
Located right opposite the square in the City of Castro, capital of Isla Grande, it dates back to 1567, when the first temple known as James Apostle was raised and it became the evangelization center of the population of the archipelago.

It was hit by fire and destruction until the present Church of Saint Francis of Castro was built in 1912. This is one of the most important on the island. It was designed by an Italian architect in the Neo-Gothic style following the local building tradition. It was restored to consolidate the structure of the towers.

Its feast is on October 4.

Patagonian estancias

The rise of the estancias has changed the empty limitless space into a rural production environment that enabled the country to be positioned among the first suppliers of raw material in the world.
Towards the south, the estancias have given the scenery a new shape. Getting through the harsh winter, the intense snowfalls and the incessant wind, they have become real settlements scattered in the vastness of the fields.


Rafting is a team sport, in which all the crew members in the boat row and position themselves in a coordinated manner in order to balance their weight when going through the river rapids and keep themselves afloat.
The standard number of people allowed on the boat is from six to eight crew members, depending on the boat size.
Rafting beginners are recommended to remain in the center of the boat. Those who are somehow experienced and prefer to row may stay in front, whereas the most experienced generally stay at the back.

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