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Churches of Chiloé

Detif Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio
James the Apostle Church is located in the District of Detif, close to the beach, on Lemuy Island. It features very simple architecture and dates back from the early nineteenth century. It was covered by Patagonian cypress tiles and wooden rivets were used instead of iron ones. Like other churches, it presents a portico with five open arches overlooking the esplanade and a two-body tower. The inside is made up by three naves and it boasts a censer made of ancient bronze and wooden ships hanging from the ceiling.

These offerings were donated by sailors from the island. Its humble design typical of the island was respected during the restoration made by Fundación Amigos de las Iglesias de Chiloé. The first chapel was built in 1734. Its patron saint is the Virgin of Lourdes ad its festival is held on March 25.

4x4 - Quad Rides

Within this section, there are several activities that are closely related to adventure and risk, capable of generating bursts of adrenaline at an unusual rhythm.
Exciting excursions on 4 x 4 vehicles or challenging quad rides captivate the senses at the same time you can experience the joy of seeing and enjoying nature in its purest state from a different point of view.

Regionas Museums

Visiting the Patagonian museums is a way of having a close link with the life, the customs and the natural environment of its communities.
Paleontology, archeology and history are some of the disciplines developed in these sections dedicated to witnessing the culture of the region.

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