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Churches of Chiloé

Nercón Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio
Located in the District of Nercón, on Isla Grande, District of Castro, it boasts stout lines in a Neo-Romanic style. The composition and proportions of its façade feature a new concept of constructive development. Inside, the imagery, the furniture and the marble-like paint of the ornaments provide its identity, and so does the tutor image of Archangel Michael.

It dates from 1890 and it has been subject to refurbishing works on several occasions in order to replace sections in poor preservation condition and to strengthen its structure. Its façade, tower, nave and vault have been restored by Fundación Amigos de las Iglesias de Chiloé.

Its patron saint is Our Lady of Grace and its feast is on September 8.

Mountain Biking

Enter the two-wheel world and learn the secrets of mountain biking to go around the mountain in the safest way.
This sport is one of the quickest to have evolved with the passing of time, becoming a much more risky and amusing modality to enjoy the most inaccessible and complicated paths in the mountain.


This is one of the most complete sensations that the human being may feel.
Through diving, man could visit the bottom of the sea, see a sub-aquatic world, stroke fish and visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely safe and adapted to the water environment.
In order to practice this activity, it is not necessary to be in great shape, or to have a well-defined swimming style.

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