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Churches of Chiloé

Chelín Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photo: Cristian Larrère, FAICH
It is located on the island and the district bearing the same name, close to the pier. There is evidence of its creation as a chapel as from 1735. The present one was built in 1888. It features Neo-Classical style with ornaments and paintings imitating marble. It has six conical columns and a roof covered with Patagonian cypress tiles.

There is a Chilote cemetery behind the building. A carved and polychrome crucifix and the image of Jesus Nazareno stand out inside. It was restored by Fundación Amigos de las Iglesias de Chiloé.

The main festivity celebrated at this temple is on August 30 to honor Our Lady of the Rosary.


This is one of the most complete sensations that the human being may feel.
Through diving, man could visit the bottom of the sea, see a sub-aquatic world, stroke fish and visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely safe and adapted to the water environment.
In order to practice this activity, it is not necessary to be in great shape, or to have a well-defined swimming style.

Golf in Patagonia

Among the various activities developed on Patagonian soil, the practice of golf has been gaining more and more strength in the last few years. Patagonia presents a great diversity, made up by magnificent sceneries for the development of this sport. Enjoying physical exercise and the delight of nature are combined in all its richness and variety.

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