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Churches of Chiloé

Tenaún Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio
It is located on Isla Grande, in the Town of Tenaún, District of Dalcahue, right opposite the square. "Tenaún" stands for "three hills" in the native tongue and it is believed that its three towers have to do with this name. Its position with respect to the shore differs from what happens in other towns.

Its patron Saint is Our Lady of Patronage and its festival is on January 30.
According to some Jesuit records, a chapel was raised in 1767 and the present one was not built until 1845. In turn, its façade, tower, nave and vault have been restored by Fundación Amigos de las Iglesias de Chiloé.

Nautical Activities

The beauty of the lakes located in the Patagonian area or the large sea bathing its Atlantic coast offer the ideal frame for the practice of nautical sports.
Surfing is a very complete sport, which forces sportsmen to train. It is intriguing, exciting, exhausting and it breaks with the activities you can perform on solid ground.
Cold blood and steel nerves are required in order to practice kayaking.

Patagonian estancias

The rise of the estancias has changed the empty limitless space into a rural production environment that enabled the country to be positioned among the first suppliers of raw material in the world.
Towards the south, the estancias have given the scenery a new shape. Getting through the harsh winter, the intense snowfalls and the incessant wind, they have become real settlements scattered in the vastness of the fields.

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